I’ve been absent from this blog, and writing in general, for far too long.  The best excuse I can give you is that I’ve been without a working computer since May or June (I’ve lost track).  I finally have a computer again, and I have SO MUCH to tell you!!!

For starters, it’s my birthday today!!!  I am 33 years old…moving out of my “early 30’s” and into my “mid 30’s,” teehee.  It really doesn’t bother me any.  Maybe I’ll be more worried about aging when I get closer to 40, haha.  Anyway, 32 was a banner year for me!  Let me walk you through what has gone down in the Browning household since I turned 32 last November…

For starters, I allowed someone back in my life whom I said I was done with for good more than once.  It’s a family member that I find it rather difficult to “quit,” and we’ll just leave it at that for now.  (Those of you who have known me long enough already know exactly who I’m talking about.  Shhhhh)  It hasn’t gone south yet.  *fingers crossed*

I balanced that precarious act by leaving a toxic situation the moment it became unbearable.  Like the situation with the family member mentioned above, I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice it to say my life has improved in so many incredible ways since taking that leap.

I also left my part time job at Home Depot for a full time job with the Post Office!  I was sad to leave Home Depot.  I made some great friends there, went through some important learning experiences (including a “fun” scam by a customer that was incredibly embarrassing), and usually looked forward to my shifts there.  But the Post Office position was one that I had been searching for since the last time that I worked for them (you may remember that little blip in time during which I delivered mail at the end of 2012).  My new job hasn’t been “easy,” per say, but I can say it has lived up to expectations in terms of being a valuable opportunity.  I finally have a job that feels like a career, and I’m proud of it!

In September, thanks to my job at the Post Office and the stability it provides, I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!  Zack and I now live in a short double wide, with mostly hard wood floors, large rooms, two bathrooms, a fenced in back yard, and a kitchen with a dishwasher!  (Believe me, we were both very excited about having a dishwasher again, lol!)  I still need to work on my organizational skills, and we need some living room furniture (couch, pretty please), but Zack and I are both very happy in our new home!  I can’t wait to get caught up on my bills (as if that’s actually possible) so that I can decorate and furnish it better.

And now for the saddest news of the past year: the Browning house had to say goodbye to our beloved Neely-cat on April 16, 2014.  I cannot tell you how much I cried, and how much it still breaks my heart to think of that day.  The humane society was great in terms of giving me time to say goodbye to her, being gentle and kind to both Neely and me.  They gave me a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem (I highly recommend it if you ever have to say goodbye to a pet), which I have somewhere and intend to frame at some point, and let me keep a snip of her fur.

So that’s all that has happened in the Browning household since I turned 32 last November.  I look forward to many exciting things to come this year!  I’m already kicking off the year right with a great birthday and a new hairdo (to be debuted soon).