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Here I lie on my bed, laptop propped on my knees, wi-fi network going strong, throwing a little pity party because I have no phone.  I have phone service, mind you, so if you call my phone, you can leave me a voicemail that I can hear from a friend’s phone.  However, my phone, which was refusing to hold a charge for very long, has completely died on me.  The month of December feels as though it has been dedicated to finding a way to get my hands back on a working phone.  

I bought a phone from a friend, but it took her a while to find it.  Once she finally did, she brought it to me, and I ordered a sim card from my service provider’s Bring Your Own Phone program.  While waiting on the sim card, I tried to get on the phone, which was an older model iPhone (a 3GS), to play with the apps and familiarize myself with its layout some.  Unfortunately, the phone was locked, so I tried to do a factory reset.  I plugged the phone into my computer with iTunes running, as per instructions I found on the Apple web site, and simply clicked on buttons when a message popped up saying iTunes had detected an iPhone that needs to be restored/reset (I can’t remember the exact wording).  The result was that whatever had been on the phone before was wiped from it, and now the only thing that will show up when it is turned on is a screen showing the iTunes logo and an image of a USB cord.  

I asked several iPhone owners if they had ever encountered such an issue, with minimal success.  One helpful individual said that the issue would probably be resolved once I got the sim card.  So I obsessively checked on my order status/tracking information, and before I knew it, the card had arrived.  So, off I flew to the store to pick up my sim card, after when I discovered that I had ordered the wrong size (I ordered a micro-sim, but the phone needed a regular sim).  I quickly ordered the correct sim card, and began the process of waiting and obsessing over the order status/tracking information all over again.  

Of course, the correct sim card came in, and I was so excited when that little card slid into the sim card slot that I think I danced a little in the parking lot of the store from which I picked it up.  Then I turned it on, hoping to transfer my service to that old iPhone, and…nothing.  Just the same annoying screen.  So, following another friend’s advice, I took the phone to Best Buy in the hopes that their “Apple guy” could fix it.  Five different people looked at that phone, but the general consensus was that the phone has a software issue and needs to be sent back to Apple, which will likely charge me for fixing it.  

In the midst of all of these phone troubles, I have had a great deal of anxiety.  Topping the list has been the fact that I have had no way to call my dad.  The ability to call him and chat is something I didn’t even realize I was taking for granted.  I’ve posted before about the fact that I have not always had my dad in my life.  Through no fault of his or mine, he was not allowed to be a part of my childhood.  I started getting to know him in my twenties, and we have grown as close as though we were always a part of each other’s lives.  He’s the only man in my life I really trust (sorry to my few guy friends…I promise it’s not personal).  I actually had a nightmare Christmas night that he was mad at me for not being able to call him.  I finally called him from a friend’s phone today, and thankfully he’s not.

I told the friend who gave me the iPhone today about my troubles, and she said she may have another phone to give to me.  I really hope that’s true…otherwise, I’m not sure how much longer I will have to wait to get a new phone.  Christmas was two days ago, and funds are, well, limited.  

Let me end this little pity party by saying that I know I’m not exactly in the worst position in the world.  Yes, I’m broke since Christmas is over, but all of the money that I had – and spent – on presents was given to me by other people — strangers, family, and friends.  My son and I had a fantastic Christmas, complete with blu-ray/dvd sets, video games, and a brand new Nook.  As I stated before, I’m typing this woe-is-me blog post on my laptop, which was given to me, while using internet service that I (wait for it) don’t pay for.  I am a genuinely broke single mother, who has yet to really start my second job and is not receiving child support, but we’re not exactly starving to death in my house.  We have been incredibly blessed, especially over the course of the last month, and once my second job really gets going, I know that I will struggle much less than I’m used to.  I know that this phone issue is just a blip on the radar, but right now that little blip is deafening.