I know I don’t have a habit of posting “regularly,” but honestly time just gets away from me.  Since I last posted, I had a birthday, we celebrated Thanksgiving, I had some changes at work, and I found a second job.  Not to complain, but I really do feel like I do the work of two people in many areas of my life right now.  I am mother and father to Zachary.  I spend about half of my work day alone in a room with up to nine babies.  And now, I am going to be bringing in paychecks from two different companies.

Am I nervous about the impact that having two jobs will have on Zachary, as pointed out to me by several people?  Of course.  His grades in school aren’t what they were in first and second grade, for one thing.  And then there’s the fact that I am the ONE constant in his life.  Sure, he’s ten and not three, but how is it going to make him feel when I’m gone a few nights a week, plus weekends?  I have considered these things, but right now making ends meet is near impossible.  In order to continue to provide a stable home for my child, I have no choice but to work hard at both of my jobs.

Besides, I am a fan of having big birthday and holiday celebrations.  This year, beyond what family and friends get for Zachary, Christmas presents will be minimal.  And maybe that’s ok.  Maybe he doesn’t need a huge Christmas morning during which it takes him an hour to open all of his presents.  He doesn’t use all of his presents on a daily basis throughout the year, anyway.  So maybe the three items I already got for him are sufficient.

Ok, enough of being a downer.  Here’s the up side: in a couple of months, hopefully, I won’t be behind on my bills.  Maybe I’ll actually be ahead.  Plus, the second job is at Home Depot, and everyone keeps telling me what a great place that is to work.  The lady who interviewed me even told me they have a room there that is designed like a sitting room, with sofas and comfortable chairs and nice lighting…it sounds like a dream!  Maybe I’ll even pop in to work on my off days just to relax in the employee “lounge.”

Oh, by the way, here is a picture from our Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel:

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013