Zack & I ringing in the New Year, 1/1/12, Sacramento, CA

My presents to my little man on Valentine’s Day 2012, 2/14/12, Sacramento, CA

Me & Zack in Old Sacramento on St. Patrick’s Day 2012, 3/17/12, Sacramento, CA

One of my favorite pictures EVER! Zack & I on Easter Sunday 2012, 4/8/12, Sacramento, CA

My sweet boy walking on a redwood log in Muir Woods on Mother’s Day 2012, 5/13/12, Mill Valley, CA

My dad & Zack right before we left his house, June 2012, Mesquite, TX

Zack with an unlit sparkler on the 4th of July 2012, 7/4/12, Carriere, MS

My crazy puppy snuggling with her stuffed animals, August 2012, Carriere, MS

My sweet fur babies sleeping peacefully when there was still only two of them, September 2012, Gulfport, MS

Zack in his 2012 Halloween costume. 10/31/12, Lucedale, MS

Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving 2012, 11/22/12, Gulfport, MS

The little kitten I got for Zack for Christmas 2012, December 2012, Gulfport, MS