There’s not usually much to blog about a cat, but my cat Neely holds a special place in my heart. A friend instilled in me a while back that it is a form of animal abuse to treat pets as though they are disposable. Before I learned that lesson, I was a single mom who moved around a lot and sometimes had to make the impossible choice of bringing a pet to a shelter because I could not bring them with me when I moved. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. Sometimes I got lucky and found a new home for my poor pets.

Thankfully, things have been different the past few years. I won’t lie and say that I’m more financially secure, but I no longer treat pets as though they are disposable. I have had my cat Neely for just over three years now, keeping her under sometimes impossible circumstances. I am so glad I have managed to bring my Neely-cat with me through numerous moves, although I know it’s been hard on her. She’s a sweet kitty, who is very affectionate and loyal.

Yesterday, I took my sweet kitty outside to get some fresh air. Zack and I were playing Pokemon on the porch, and Neely hadn’t been out in a while so I figured it would be good for her. Well Zack got a call from a friend and ran off to play. As he was leaving, he told me to make sure Neely gets a few more minutes of outside time. (He LOVES Neely, and jokes that she’s his sister sometimes.) Shortly after, I went inside and left Neely outside. She has been an indoor/outdoor cat for a big chunk of her life, so it’s not a huge deal. I just haven’t been letting her out much lately because I can’t find her collar, which has the tag with her name and my information on it. I forgot about Neely! Luckily, she didn’t run off or get taken, and was crouching by the door when I remembered her about 30 minutes after I had come in. Why am I telling you about this, you ask? Well, what happened yesterday just made me realize that my poor sweet Neely has been slipping through the cracks since we got the puppy. Liza, our Chihuahua, is hyper and messy (she chews on everything!), and pretty much demands all of our attention when she’s jumping in our faces and scratching/biting at us. I’m going to have to do better to pay attention to Neely-cat. She deserves it.