This week has not been exactly what I was hoping for out of Zack’s Spring Break.  We had planned the week out, with a specific theme for every day.  Friday, April 6, was his first day off of school, for some strange reason.  We didn’t make a specific plan for that day.  Saturday was Grocery Day, so that was just focused on cleaning up, organizing, making room for new groceries, then doing the actual shopping.  Sunday was Easter, so we went to church for the first time in several months.  As a Christian mother, sometimes I beat myself up for not being more active in church, but I know I can at least say that my child knows about Jesus, believes in Him of his own free will, and loves to learn about and talk about God/the Bible.  But anyway, I digress…

Monday was Lazy Day, and I babysat a friend’s little boy.  So I really did get to be a lazy Mom, while Zack played with his friend.  Tuesday was Game Day, so me & Zack had a tournament of several games.  Zack won all of the games but Twister, and I did not let him win any of the games.  I lost fair and square. 😉

On Wednesday, we were supposed to go to San Francisco.  That was going to be the highlight of Spring Break, in my opinion.  We were only supposed to live in California for one year, and what’s the point of living only two hours away from a fun city like San Francisco if we can’t enjoy it?  Unfortunately, I am a single mother with only a sometimes part time job as a substitute in school cafeterias.  So that means I am broke all the time.  I recently started trying to sell items on eBay to bring in some extra money.  It seemed so easy at first.  In less than two weeks, I had made $132 and some change selling a couple of purses that I had, some of Zack’s toys, and a dress that didn’t fit me.  Then one of my buyers complained.  She said that the purse I sold her was not what I had listed.  At first, I basically told her that my listing said No Returns, and disagreed with her regarding the item.  (I won’t go into the specifics, but many of my Facebook friends already know the details.)  So she opened a case against me using the eBay Buyer Protection program.  I called customer service several times that night trying to figure out what to do, and what it came down to in the end was that I could not prove that she was wrong about her claim against me.  Unfortunately, according to everything I read on eBay, the Buyer Protection program requires the seller to prove authenticity somehow if the buyer claims the item they purchased is not as listed.  So I agreed to a full refund under the condition that she first return the purse.  Sadly, by agreeing to that, I forfeited the money for the purse plus shipping, unless for some reason the buyer does not return the purse.  EBay is currently holding it until the case closes, which means it’s not in my bank account.

The only up side to this whole eBay mess I’m dealing with is the buyer has not responded to the case that she opened against me…if she still does not respond within the next week, my money will be returned to me.  The major down side was that I had to cancel our trip to San Francisco.  We went to Old Sacramento (, instead.  We ended up having a lot of fun there.  We went to Round Table Pizza, had fun at a joke/novelty shop, then looked at costumes in a very nice costume shop.  We ended our day with Zack getting an ice cream cone, and we bought some of the best mini donuts I’ve ever had in my life at Danny’s Mini Donuts (  Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Sacramento, CA, for any reason at all, take the time to visit this donut shop.  You will not regret it!  It was a great day, but I have to admit that even after having all of that fun, I still wished I could have afforded to take Zack to San Francisco.  I felt like I let him down in some way, although he doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

Today I read an article that made me feel like maybe I’m not less of a mom because I can’t afford to take fancy day trips to expensive cities.  Please, if you are a mom, you should take the time to go read this lady’s blog:  She made some very valid points, and I cried a little reading this article because I was moved so much.  I spend countless hours on Pinterest, Facebook, and the rest of the internet, looking at dream homes, fun ways to decorate, clothes I wish I could buy my son, healthy recipes (most of which my son will not actually touch), and reading parenting articles galore.  I never considered how low it all makes me feel sometimes.  But Zack does not seem to care that we don’t have a place of our own (we live with my mom), or that he doesn’t have a room with a skateboard mirror (, or that he doesn’t eat gourmet meals every night (he would rather eat macaroni & cheese and baked beans as a meal, anyway).  It didn’t bother him near as much as it bothered me that we couldn’t go to San Francisco.  He had SO MUCH fun just hanging out with me in Old Sacramento.  I think what has mattered most to him this week is the one on one pure face time he has gotten with me.

So tomorrow, I won’t let it bother me that for Movie Day I can’t take him to an actual movie theater.  I will relish the fact that my son still wants to cuddle with me on my bed and watch Disney/fairy tale movies (we’re watching two versions of Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and Beastly).  Saturday, I will enjoy Opposite Day and just have silly fun with Zack.  Sunday, we will have inexpensive fun on Outdoors Day by going to a dog park with our puppy – after church, of course.  I’m going to work real hard to stop wishing I could afford more materialistic things, and just focus on what matters – spending time with my son, plain and simple.